I grew up in a town in Iowa, and began my love of photography when my parents gave me a camera on my 16th birthday. I was hooked and photography would forever become a passion for me.

My love of animals and the wilderness led me to pursue a degree in Zoology so I decided to attend University of California, Berkeley.  While at Berkeley I took several classes from William Garnett, a commercial and fine art photographer who convinced me to pursue photography as a profession.  After graduation, I worked as a photographer for a newspaper and started working for commercial clients and magazines.

Realizing a need for stronger technique, I enrolled at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California.  At The Art Center, I learned much more than technique.  I was taught the value of style and the art of visual persuasion. Upon graduating, I had the opportunity to assist photographers in California and eventually moved to Colorado to start my own studio.   Since moving here I’ve done my best to get to know the Rocky Mountain region, from the deserts of New Mexico and Utah to the mountains and towns of Wyoming and Montana.

With the transition to digital photography, I earned a Master’s Degree in Digital Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design that changed the way I thought about making photographs as well as how I create contemporary imagery.  The diversity of my business keeps every shoot dynamic and I feel privileged to constantly meet and interact with a wide variety of people and vibrant businesses.

Being near open spaces and mountains is important to me and Colorado strikes the perfect balance between city and wilderness.  There are so many unique places here, from deserts to high mountains and I have integrated many of these into custom imagery for many growing, as well as established companies that need a professional, yet innovative ways to feature their people and products or services. I know I’m lucky to work with the broad range of clients I do, from stories on people in magazines to airports, start ups to several of the largest companies in the world, every shoot is different and I do enjoy it so much.

To create unique images for every business I have worked with, I listen to what a client says about their photographic needs and create visuals that speak to their audiences.  Whether it’s warm and inviting, graphic, contemporary, abstract or conceptual, I create images that represent their needs and address their particular audience, market and brand.

My clients know that when they hire me, I am bringing my years of professional experience to the table, along with a success rate that has propelled many businesses into the markets they seek with the relevant and compelling images they need.   I’ve often gotten assignments from clients that sends me out on my own yet I feel I collaborate with others as well.  I enjoy a challenge and creating images that tells story uniquely portraying a person or organization.